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    Kind and loving

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    They were so incredibly kind to me! I got in an argument with a man I was there with and they were so kind and sweet. They brought me tissues and were so supportive. I support them 100%. They are hard working, amazing, caring people!

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    I really want to have a massage after a long drive from Los Angeles to Mesa,Arizona with 17' Nissan Leaf... too many stopping, waiting and charging... anyway, I am glad to pick this place for relaxing. I was bit hesitated because it's new but in other words they will do thing better (I was hoping...). The result is good!

    They have two or three massage therapists and I let Sammi massage for me for one hour. She is barely to speak English but she came from same country as I so that there is no any issue for communications. She did know how to treat and how to massage the customer. Just right force with excellent skill! Tip her a good amount of tips for my appreciation!

    I have a welcome water when I was waiting in the lobby and they gave me another bottle of water and an ICE cream after the massage. I paid cash so I have no issue with the payment but I did saw the other customers got some issue to swipe the card with their payment system (Square..). so I would suggest to change the payment system or just get a new card reader from Square!

    In the End, I want to say, I was surprised about the atmosphere and the decoration they created. Elegant and Clean with soft music on the air.. The owner must paid a lot of attention on it and hope their business can going better and better.

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    Soft Opening. Very clean and friendly. Helped me relax my body especially my tension back and shoulder. I had 90mins combo and it's great. My shoulder was hard like rock, after the massage. My shoulder and back become very comfortable and relaxing. I feel refresh. Definitely will come back next time!

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